Komleva Valentina

Head of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation. Doctor of sociological sciences. Corresponding member of the Academy of military sciences. A member of the Advisory Council of the Committee for development of the Far East and the Arctic State Duma of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director for scientific work of the National Research Institute for the development of communication. Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal «Russia and the world: a scientific dialogue». Honorary title "Honorary Worker of education of the Russian Federation" Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for many years of fruitful work on the development and improvement of the educational process, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists.

Research interests: methodology of regional studies, factors and subjects of international and country socio-political changes, formation of communication regimes of countries and regions, corporations as subjects of international politics, institutionalization of new practices of international cooperation