Deshpande Sanjay

Director of Centre for Central Eurasian Studies, University of Mumbai and also Head, Department of Russian, University of Mumbai. He is one of the well-known scholars on Soviet/Russian/Central Asian domestic affairs, foreign policy of Eurasian states, geo-politics in Eurasia. Dr. Deshpande lived in Russia for nearly a decade and also personally experienced the catastrophic period of Soviet disintegration in 1991 during his stay. Having research acquaintance on Russian affairs Dr. Deshpande is constantly approached by many national as well as international television channels for interview on Indo-Russian affairs and other issues related to international relations in general and Eurasian affairs in particular. He is often approached by Academic institutions across the country and abroad to express his views and shares his knowledge with students and scholars. He is also an I/C Head, Department of Russian, University of Mumbai.
Dr. Deshpande has participated in many national and international conferences in India and abroad. There are more than ten books to his credit and published number of articles on various issues in edited volumes and Journals including. 
•    Issues related to Russian Economics, Politics, Social issues, cultural issues
•    Central Asia and Caucasus
•    Indo-Russian relations 
•    India’s energy security and Central Eurasia
•    Geopolitics of Russia 
•    He is member of many committees of University of Mumbai and UGC. He is also the member of track-2 diplomacy of India-Central Asia dialogue Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.